Friday, November 5, 2010

have a good weekend!

We've got a lovely weekend planned, hope you do too!  Now for some links:

Hey look!  It's me!  

If I didn't know better I'd say Jackson has been spending too much time with my dad.

Please help a really great film, about a really great city get finished

A really good mom.

Liz Phair reviews Keith Richards new book.

best costume, ever.  

coolest pumpkin, ever.

Best use of cinder blocks, ever. 

Stella McCartney kids?  someone hide my wallet or I'll go bankrupt outfitting my niece.

how tall are you?

why don't my kitchen drawers look like this?  Oh yeah, because I don't live in a giant mansion or have a staff.  But still...


Jude said...

I can't believe that pumpkin! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

la petite coquine said...

You look adorable, and she really is the best mom ever! Have a wonderful weekend!

Brandi said...

I want kitchen drawers like that too!! And thank you so much for being on my blog today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Abigail!

Rachel at The Inspired said...

Where is this? Thanks for the links! Have a lovely weekend as well :)

Krystal said...

Greaaat links! Enjoy your w/e:)

Melissa Blake said...

Awesome round-up! Have a great weekend!

Christina said...

I love the story about the mom who let her son wear a Daphne costume for Halloween. A. Who cares and B. He looks so cute.

angelina la dawn said...

oh em gee. i love martha but sometimes she's a bit much. i'm sure you're kitchen drawers would be this awesome if you were that anal and had a staff, too. really though, i'm not bitter, just jealous!

chiara said...

also, your kitchen drawers might look like that if you had a photo shoot and took all the crappy stuff out and put it on your couch and just kept the good stuff in the drawer not all crammed in and messy.

or, you had, say, 18 drawers to hold all the crap that the rest of us have 4, maybe 5 drawers in our kitchens.

and that's not counting the other 22 drawers in the butler's pantry

Kala said...

Yikes - I need to go rearrange my kitchen drawers! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Kimbirdy said...

woah! the banksy costume is amazing!!! i'm a huge banksy fan, and that was seriously impressive.

also, i love height art exhibit! i love art that includes the public's assistance. it's so beautiful!

thanks for sharing these. :)

sara said...

that how tall are you exhibition looks unbelievable!
also, my drawers always seem to start out neatly but get messier and messier as the week progresses..

hope you had a good weekend :)