Monday, October 27, 2008

gift race

So, I read that China and India are engaged in a new Space Race (and that India is catching up) which is interesting, but I am actually more interested in the Gift Race I am going to start withRick and Toni.  
Really, they started it by being way too nice.  
Steven broke a bowl while we were visiting them by throwing it against a tree (don't ask) so we sent them some new bowls to make up for it.  (We sent metal ones because they are unbreakable, at least in theory!  I don't think we should let Steven test that theory, though.) 

But then the gift race started when they sent us another ceramic "lemon" made by Emily Jacir to add to my collection and a very old and very lovely copy of The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. (I have adored Emily's "Lemons" since I saw them about a decade ago at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and Rick and Toni have been kind enough to give a bunch over the last year or so.)

I have no idea what we are going to send them next, and it might take awhile to think of it, but we are amazed that they have sent up Sputnik, so we're going to have to go the moon!
(halfway through writing this I noticed I was pretty link happy and so decided to see how many links I could put in one post.)
In all seriousness, thank you Rick and Toni!  You know how much I love the lemons, and I absolutely love the book too. you really are too kind.

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rls said...

Love the way you've arrayed the lemons . . . but i must say . . . at first they reminded me of one of those SUPERSIZE ME experiments . . . you know the one where the fish sandwich looks like it's wearing a stocking cap . . . Never mind! RE gifts . . we're just passing stuff around . . . someday you'll pass our "gifts" on to another home . . . Glad you enjoy the simple things we sent your way. Warmly, Toni and Rick