Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Harris Estate

 A few years ago (maybe more like 10) my Aunt Treva and Uncle Mike  bought a defunct private boys school in Napa and started a vineyard.  (that makes it sound like it was a simple process.  it was not!  They did so much work! )  I just got a nice email from Treva and from the sound of it the life of a vintner is some sort of weird combination of high powered business person and farmer. You have to spend so much time marketing etc, but you still have to get the harvest in!  Very stressful.  
(I think I'd much rather be designing built-ins for clients, making things, hanging out with Gus and Ollie and plotting the demise of our garage.  When we visited them a few years ago, the charms of their property convinced me that a vintner's life was the life for me, but just growing 2 summers worth of vegetables has pretty much convinced me otherwise.)
Treva and Mike do an amazing job, have a beautiful property and make truly spectacular wine!  

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chiara said...

that looks amazing!