Tuesday, October 7, 2008

iron clad

Chatting with friends this weekend made me think about anniversary gifts.  
A few months back we had our sixth anniversary.  The traditional gift for 6 years is iron, which was a toughie.  I thought about fireplace tools, or a golf club (even though Steven has never played golf, and I am not interested in encouraging him to start) but we ended up getting this vintage cast iron (ok, it's probably cast aluminum, but we decided it counts) Foosball table from Argentina.  
We got it at the wonderful architectural salvage store, Architectural Artifacts, in Chicago.  They have incredible things from all over the world and luckily they have a big sale each May (which is when our anniversary is!).
Steven usually beats me, but I've been practicing in secret so he better watch out.   


chiara said...

it's beautiful!

executive development training said...

it's awesome, I want one too. love a little competition every now and then.