Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A few years ago we hosted Thanksgiving and had so many left overs that we didn't know what to do! So I mashed then up with some ricotta and made ravioli using pre made wonton wrappers.  (wonton wrappers are great because they are much lighter than regular pasta, and best of all you don't have to make them!)
Keith and Evangelina had a whole bunch of crab meat in the fridge so we did the same thing with them!  Crab meat, ricotta, sauteed scallions and parsley in the raviolis, fresh tomatoes, garlic and a little cream in the sauce.  Delicious!  (plate by Keith.)


Keith said...

It was absolutely delicious. We're so glad you guys made the drive out here.

Two little things...plate by Sam Taylor of Dogbar Pottery fame and shallots not scallions for anyone trying the recipe at home.

I know...the brain turns to mush after a long drive and a visit full of bourbon old fashioneds.

abigail said...

my mushy, mushy brain.