Thursday, October 23, 2008

time for a change

I need a haircut desperately and would like to think  that I would look charming with this one. However, given the thickness of my hair, it is more likely that I would look like a lampshade.  
image from La Garconne (which is one of my favorite online stores).


chiara said...

same here! i'd love to cut mine shorter and with bangs. but fear the dreaded mushroom-head effect.

abigail said...

ooh, I had forgotten about the mushroom effect, not just big on the bottom, big all around.
I think I am going to do it anyway, and once again pretend I don't have the hair I really do. It'll grow out, and I can wear hats until them cause winter is coming. But it'll look fabulous for 2 days after I get it cut, and that's a lot more often than it looks fabulous now!