Saturday, October 25, 2008

yellow is the new pink

The photos of the double decker roof garden in New York have made me want to put some yellow flowers in the garden so I just ordered some Coreopsis "Sunshine Superman" seeds.  
I got seeds because they are cheap and because the plants will be better adapted to the climate here.  (Most plants are grown in nurseries in warm places and suffer quite a shock when they are moved north.) But mostly, because I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, it's getting cold and don't think I will get much more planted this year.
I guess our yard will continue to look crappy for a few more years until it fills in. 
Steven better get tenure.  
image and seeds from Park Seed


Walt said...

Thanks for the link. My wife and I have been fighting to get our yard filled in for three years now with only slight success....and that's in sunny SC with much advice from the horticulturists that I work with at Park.

Gus and Ollie are adorable...I love the two headed monster image.


Walt Y

abigail said...

you're welcome.
based on your gardening experience, I think I better start looking for some fast growing plants!