Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When we moved into the studio the sink was gross.  The plumbing is a bit funny and the waste water is pumped up and out instead of going through a waste drain, so there were two cheap, ugly plastic utility sinks, one on top of the other, that were just really dirty and gross.  I scrubbed and scrubbed but they did not come clean.  
The idea of spending money on two new ugly, cheap (but not inexpensive) sinks bugged me so after looking around at resale shops for something better, I decided to make one.  
I bought two galvanized steel buckets ($12 each) and some shelf brackets, and pulled a sheet of stainless steel and a sheet of plywood that we had leftover from another project out of the garage.

Our neighbor at the studio is a blacksmith and he helped me cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket and stretch it so that the drain I put in would work better.  I cut a couple holes in the plywood, one for the bucket, one for a towel rack. 

hung the plywood on the brackets and...

Voila!  a sink!  


rcs said...

VERY cool...we have to come see your place(s) sometime! miss you guys!

rls said...

no . . . (we were there) sink was GROSSSSSSS!!!

what a cool design; you "guys" are amazing. i'll trade you labor for ideas ANY day.

have a wonderful thanksgiving . . . t/r : ) ;-)

chiara said...

that's brilliant!