Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today we had the perfect plan, snowshoe into town for a hot chocolate with the doggies!
oh, I should mention that it's 11 miles to town.

So, off we went on the beautiful trail, greeting (or growling at in the case of Gus and Ollie) passing cross country skiers and having a wonderful time, until tragedy struck. we came to a sign on the trail that said no dogs!!!
No dogs?
No dogs.
It's because of elk migration or something, and to think I used to think elk were beautiful.
Luckily, we were still near the road and my dad came to fetch Gus and Ollie so we could soldier on.

It was beautiful.
there were ice crystals that clung to plants making it look as though they had grown feathers.

and then when the sun got high in the sky, they warmed up, fell off making a little pile of glitter.

We could see forever, and it was so quiet when we would stop our trudging for a minute or two.
Only draw back of the whole thing is that now my legs are so tired I think I might not be able to stand up for a week.
oh well, it was worth it.


Amanda B. said...

unbelievable... they are truly stunning pictures
i now need snow... asap

abigail said...

hope you get some snow soon.

Andrea said...

I know you're not the biggest fan of how much snow you seem to get, but I am truly jealous. What an opportunity to be able to go snowshoeing so close to home! It looks like quite an adventure and your photos are beautiful. I really want to go now!

abigail said...

this was when we were visiting my parents in Colorado, not here in Ann Arbor! Snow is wonderful in Colorado, very useful, fluffy and beautiful (at least until April) and even though it snows like crazy it's sunny so often there!

here in Ann Arbor, not so much.

snowshoeing is great fun though. If you've got the snow, you should go!!