Wednesday, December 10, 2008

guess who's coming to dinner

Ever wish you could have a person over and cook them dinner for their birthday but couldn't because he was in, say, Colorado and you were in, say,  Michigan?  
Well I have, and right now I wish I could cook my dad dinner for his birthday, so I came up with a plan. 

 I made sweet potato ravioli from scratch (ok, I used store bought won ton wrappers for the pasta) and froze them.

Then I packed them up with some sage from our garden, some walnuts and all the other ingredients to make a brown butter, sage, walnut sauce (yes, even butter), all frozen, threw it all in a cardboard box with a few ice packs and shipped it over night.  

I guess, technically, my mom is going to cook my dad dinner, but this way at least I got to help.  
And hopefully he'll like the ravioli as much as Steven did on his birthday!  

Happy Birthday Dad!  See you soon!
(I was going to try and send you a cake too, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work.)

1 comment:

chiara said...

what an awesome daughter you are. i hope Mike Murray liked his birthday meal!