Tuesday, December 16, 2008

it's here!

The olio nuovo arrived (new oil)!  It's cloudy, thick, crazy bright green, has an intense smell and taste and is so, so good! 
Colleagues of Steven's have an olive grove in Italy and we get some oil from them every year as soon as it comes out.  This year we got a whole case so we can keep some for ourselves and give some as gifts.  
check out their website here.


Keith said...

That last sentence made me think that this would be a good time to say hello and let you know how much I enjoy your blog....hint....hint....hint.

abigail said...

no hint needed. should I send it to Texas?

Keith said...

nah...we'd have to share it and then leave what's left with a man who tried to make buffalo style lamb with franks red hot.

better save it and ship it when we get back...please.