Friday, December 12, 2008

baby it's you

Deciding what to give my 9 month old niece, Riley, for Christmas is a bit easier than deciding what to get for her older brothers.  She won't look at me like I am the worst aunt ever if I knit her a sweater and then make her try it on instead of getting her a truck.
I already got her some shoes but want to get her something else too.  

I could get her a wooden snail (that's Jackson)

or some woolen sheep.

I can knit her booties

or a sweater (better get to work, if I am going to do that!)

I can get her animal photos  

or wallpaper birds for her bedroom walls.

I can get her a pink and red striped jumper 

and she'll just throw the box around, stick the wrapping paper in her mouth, giggle when I tickle her belly, point at Gus or Ollie and squeal with delight.  Babies are easy, to get gifts for anyway.  

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