Monday, December 22, 2008

we made it!

our flight was uneventful, Gus and Ollie survived being stuffed under our seats and we have arrived in Colorado!  I am pretty sure my niece and nephews were more excited to see the dogs than they were to see me, but that's ok.  
there's already tons of snow here (and here tons of snow is a good thing) and it's snowing right now.  It'll be sunny tomorrow so, I'm going snow shoeing with Gus and Ollie, while Steven goes snowboarding.  
image here.


Keith said...

and were you most excited to see the kids or a bunch of adults?

glad you made it. now enjoy the snow and the mountains and the vacation.

btw...i took the pic from was 32º while we were there but i had the clothing for 70º's already warming back up here in houston though.

merry merry!

abigail said...

adults? there are adults here? oh yeah, I forgot.

It's still snowing! It's great.

I am glad you are going to get some warm weather. a forty degree swing is crazy.

have fun, and say merry Christmas to all the Trabaninos and Kreegers for us.

rcs said...

so jealous of the snowboarder...