Thursday, January 29, 2009

78 cents

I vow not to blog about politics what seems like every other day, but I have to post this about Lilly Ledbetter and her brand new law.
(look at that crowd.  This is something both parties agree on, women deserve equal pay for equal work!  But really, look at Lilly Ledbetter.)

Lilly Ledbetter had worked for Goodyear for decades when shortly before she retired someone left a note in her mailbox telling her that men in her position, men who had less experience than this grandmother who'd done more than was asked of her for years, got paid more than she did.  A lot more. With a heavy heart, Lilly sued under the Civil Rights Act.

Federal Court sided with her, awarding her millions, the Supreme Court, not so much.

I am not going to quibble with the decision because Lilly says that what has come after has meant more to her than those millions ever could have.  But, I will say that the Court called on Congress to be more specific.
And be more specific they have been, thanks, in large part to Mrs Ledbetter's unwillingness to give up.

Today, President Obama signed his first law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act.

It is good day for women. It is a good day for families.

Really,  it is just a good day and we should all thank Lilly Ledbetter.  

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