Tuesday, January 27, 2009

no spending spree

Joslyn, who writes the great blog Simple Lovely, made a New Year's resolution not to make any unnecessary purchases for 3 months from January 10th to April 10th and invited others to join her in the effort and to form a support group.  After reading her reasons why (and that exceptions could be made for supplies to make things) I decided I was in. 

But when we decided to go to the Inauguration I fell off the wagon before it ever got moving on so I decided I would start 2 weeks late.  
Sunday was my first day. 

Joslyn has her own set of rules,  which you can read about on her blog, but here are mine:

any supplies to make things or for home improvement are fine. (If I get up the motivation to refinish more of the woodwork, I'm not going to wait b/c I can't buy sand paper!) 
obviously, food is fine, but no more ordering in, and we are going to cut down on exotic or expensive ingredients.     
we can go out to eat every couple of weeks and if we are invited to someone's house I'm bringing flowers or something.  
I am going to make an exception for my niece Riley and my nephew Colin's birthdays, but we'll be having a homemade Valentine's day.  

now in the spirit of the spending hiatus, I am off to make some bread.   
image from Life

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