Thursday, January 8, 2009


As I sand away on the woodwork (which already looks so much better) I am thinking of things to do and have at our Inaugural Ball in a couple of weeks.  
People have asked if there will be dancing, which made me wonder if there should be dancing. 
People have asked if they should bring food or drink which made me wonder what we should eat and drink.  
People asked me what they should wear, which made me wonder what the heck I am going to wear!  
I just can't decide, but sanding helps.  
The only thing I have settled on so far is that we need to have sparklers, lots and lots of sparklers. 
image from Chiara.  


Kimenna said...

Thanks for leaving the first comment on my blog. :)
I love yours. so much fun.

Steven said...

can't wait for the sparklers to spark up the ball!