Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lady's first

7 years ago, when I was shopping for a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses (a process i hated) my mom and I stumbled into a non bridal boutique called Ikram, and decided to take a break.  I can honestly say, that day and every other day I went there were the nicest shopping experiences of my life.  Sure, they had shirts that cost more money than most people make in a year (that were so beautiful you wanted to cry) but they also had dresses priced like they were made by jcrew (that were just as lovely as the expensive ones!).   
Regardless of what I looked at, was interested in, or bought (or didn't), they treated me like a queen.    
I ended up getting bridesmaid's dresses and gifts there, and other things I still have and love.
I just wish I still lived in Chicago so I could shop there.  Maybe I would even run into the First Lady, because that's where she goes (although these days they probably go to her!).  
I always knew Michelle Obama had good taste.  

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