Tuesday, February 24, 2009

no go

I was hoping to figure out a place for the pooches to stay so I could jet off to New York despite the fact that Ollie's illness got him barred from the kennel for a little while.  But it's spring break in Ann Arbor and everyone we know is out of town, so no luck.

I need to meet more people who are not involved with the university.

This is how I feel about it.  (that's academy award winning sad face maker, Jackson, who I won't get to see.)

top photo from the nytimes.
bottom photo from molasses candy.


Steven said...

OMG it really Oscar worthy!

hmstrjam said...

i was just in nyc, i'd watch your dogs for you but i'm on martha's vineyard...
love the crumpled up cups! found you via please sir, beautiful blog!

chiara said...

that was Jackson's face when I told him his Auntie Abigail was not going to come visit him :(

abigail said...

oh no! now I am even sadder!