Tuesday, March 17, 2009

beautiful decay

I saw Yves Marchand and Roman Meffre heartbreakingly beautiful photographs of  Detroit in Time (above), and they made me think of the Detroit Institute of Arts "Detroit's Sacred Places" photo contest (below).  

A photo of tree growing in rotting paper in a book warehouse won first prize last year.

I like this one of the old Michigan Theater (it's now a parking lot).  
you can check out more of the photographers and photos and find links to stories about what happened in these places on flickr.

I am not sure why I am posting something so sad on this warm and sunshiny day, but there it is.  


please sir said...

OH YES I love the decay!

chiara said...

thats amazing. that's really a parking lot now?

abigail said...

yup. you would not believe the wonderful and the horrible things that happen in Detroit.

abigail said...

and the wonderfully horrible things.

nadia said...