Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cooper's flock

People deal with tragedy in different ways.  Soon after losing her precious baby Cooper, my friend's sister, Lucinda over at the inspiring luc ends, decided to use her creativity to honor her son and process her grief.  Inspired by a friend who made a hundred dresses to honor her mother, she decided to knit and sew birds to honor her son, who they called birdy.  
The hospital where her son was treated does 270 pediatric heart surgeries a year and Lucinda decided that she wanted to give every child a bird on the day of his or her surgery to let them and their families know that Cooper was watching over them, and that someone who has walked in their shoes was thinking of them.  
she's invited others to participate in her project, so if you can knit or sew, go to her blog for the pattern and more information about joining Cooper's flock.  

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andrea spencer said...


Hi Abigail!

I'm The Martha Blog writer who posts as Andrea and the Weimaraners. I've been involved with the Martha circuit for three years promoting animal awareness and supporting Martha every step of the way!

I will be creating a gigantic get well card for Timothy, the propane driver. It will be designed on my national blog with love and hugs from the names of the hundreds of people who have blogged to Martha.

Would you like your name included on the grand list!?

Andrea Spencer
CEO National Cancer Society for Animals
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