Saturday, March 21, 2009

let me entertain you

we're being quite the hosts this weekend.  

tonight we're having a whole bunch of our neighbors (12 adults, 9 children) over for "pizza night". Every month or so one family invites all the other families over and orders pizza.  People bring salad and drinks and hosting duties rotate around the neighborhood.  Neither of us had much experience knowing our neighbors since we were kids, so when we first heard about it when we moved in it felt kind of weird. Over the past couple years though, we've grown to really like it. 
Because I am a crazy person, I decided that we would order a cheese pizza in case some kids are picky and make pizza for everyone else.  I made the dough last night.    
Tomorrow we're having friends (10 adults, a toddler, and a dog) over for brunch.  Steven's going to make waffles (he grew up in Italy, but he is Belgian and uses his family recipe that I'll post later) and bacon and I am going to make a vegetable strata that my mom makes for New Years morning, home fries, fruit salad and homemade english muffins.  

then, tomorrow afternoon I am going to take a nap.  

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Indie.Tea said...

It sounds like so much night I mean.

Mireille Roddier said...

Can't believe I missed it... :(

abigail said...

next time!