Tuesday, March 24, 2009

you cannot be serious

Have you ever agreed to do a favor for someone against your better judgement, and then as time went on all the reasons why you were uncomfortable to begin with become more and more of a problem, and when you finally say, "hey, I am still willing to do this for you but you've crossed a line and we need to work a few things out," the person you were bending over backwards to help out throws a tantrum worthy of John McEnroe circa 1985 because your generosity just isn't generous enough?  

Yeah, well, that's been my day, and it's making me cranky.  Mostly I'm just mad at myself because we didn't say no to begin with and avoid the whole problem.  

can you believe tennis players ever wore shorts that short?  
image here.  

I think I need a cup of hot chocolate (and wish I remembered where I found this image).  I think heart shaped marshmallows and sugar rush would cheer me right up. 


Steven said...

Oh yes you can! Sometimes I am baffled by hissy fits that really go no where.

abigail said...

It was quite the snit fit, wasn't it.