Thursday, April 23, 2009

double dutch

After stumbling on Susan York's website yesterday, I started thinking about other people who came as visiting artists while I was in grad school and thought of Anton Reijnders.

Anton came late in my second year and a few months later, just after graduating, I had a 3 month residency at the European Ceramic Work Center in Den Bosch, The Netherlands where Anton had worked. 
Anton, his wife Netty van den Heufel, and a few other people started the Center, but no longer work there.
Anton and Netty still live in the Den Bosch, though, and have the most beautiful studio you have ever seen, so, happily, I got to get to see them again when we arrived in the Netherlands.

He and Netty (her work above), generously invited Steven and me over one night and we had the longest, loveliest, most delicious, wine soaked dinner and conversation in their courtyard.

See more of Anton's wonderful work here.
And Netty's amazing work here.


david john said...

thanks for stopping by!

this is beautiful ceramic work, and thanks for the heads up about the documentary the garden. i think it will break my heart, but I'm def. going to see it!

all the best
david john

abigail said...

you are braver than I am. I have decided to protect my heart and wait until 'the garden' comes out on dvd so I can stop it if I get too sad.

Molly Jean said...

their work is amazing! thanks for sharing!