Tuesday, April 21, 2009

garden party

I have been day dreaming about having a garden party this summer when my veggie garden is in full swing, where everything we cook is made from something I grew.  (well, almost everything.) 
And ever since I saw it, I have been day dreaming about wearing this dress to that party.   


Mrs.French said...

oh my...this dress is stunning...and gone at the moment...xo t

my 'oma' is on the way...just ordered it last week, I am so excited I can barely stand it!

abigail said...

congrats! you'll love it.

shhh, they've got the dress at barneys.com

Courtney said...

That dress is gorgeous and seems perfect for said party. Now I think I am going to be day-dreaming about the dress and the charming party!

Claire said...

Ohh - pretty and the perfect color!