Saturday, April 18, 2009

bad news

American journalist Roxana Saberi was sentenced to 8 years in prison for espionage in Iran today.  The case against her has been described as "ridiculous and against international law." 
Reporters Without Boarders said, "The Saberi case is the latest example of how Iranian authorities arbitrarily use spying charges to arrest journalists and tighten the gag on free expression." 
She has been living in Iran for 6 years working on a book about the country's culture and people.  She grew up in Fargo, was crowned Miss North Dakota and has worked for NPR and the BBC.  She is also my friend from high school's very good friend from grad school.  They studied journalism together at Northwestern.  
On NPR this morning they said the best thing to do for Roxana is to keep her story in the news, not sure this silly little blog counts, but it's all I got.  
more info here, here, and here.
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lydia said...

If she confessed of being a spy...well that is serious..but if they were made her to do so .. poor her... i think she will be left alone there ..

Courtney said...

Oh, Abigail, this story broke my heart when I heard about it, and I can't imagine having a personal connection to Saberi. I am not sure I can say anything other than I will certainly keep her in my prayers.

abigail said...

That's the perfect thing to say.
thank you.