Thursday, April 30, 2009

lucky girl

Steven and I were gardening in the front yard yesterday.  About and hour into our digging and planting, from the opposite corner of the yard, I heard Steven say, "holy s***!" at the exact time I said, "oh my god, look!"

We've got morel mushrooms growing in our front yard.  My most favorite food, is just popping up wild all over the front yard. 

now, don't everyone worry, I am taking the mushrooms we picked to the Washtenaw County MSU Extension (it's their job to help farmers, so I hope they can help me) to see if they really are morels and safe to eat.  

I thought our years worth of landscaping efforts might eventually make the front yard look pretty good but I diddn't know that we already have the best front yard ever!   

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Blair said...

oh my, you are a very lucky gal!!