Tuesday, April 28, 2009


To further my case that someone (Steven? Mom and Dad? Mom and Dad and Steven?) should get me Sihouette Digital Cutting Tool for my birthday, I thought I'd share some drawings I made a few years ago where I used maps to make portraits of people.  

the top two are of Steven.  Maps of the provence he was born in, the provence he grew up in and the two countries he is a citizen of make up the drawing.  (Attiki, Greece, Lombardy, Italy, Belgium and Lebanon.  long story.) and the other drawing is of all the places Steven and I had lived since we started dating.  All our addresses overlap at the center of the drawing.  (Snowmass Village, CO, Alfred, NY, Buffalo, NY, Stuttgart, Germany, and Birmingham, MI) Maybe I should remake it and add the 3 places we've lived since.


Steven said...

mmm. Seems awesome!

abigail said...

it's like having a tiny laser cutter in the house. and you can cut vinyl and all kinds of other stuff.

Ann said...

i like the idea of these layered maps a lot. A nice way to create 'portraits' of a person or a relationship.