Friday, April 10, 2009

a room of one's own

We have successfully cleaned out my basement studio, put in a cork floor and plan on turning it into a home for my new sewing machine and other crafty stuff.  (we still have to put in a baseboard but I hope to get that done this afternoon.)

As a part of my spring cleaning I have also been opening boxes that never got opened when we moved in 3 1/2 years ago (it's a little embarrassing to admit there are such boxes, but there are only a few, I swear!).  It's been a bit like Christmas! 

I found a box of antique beads, lace and trims that I collected about 10 years ago and forgot about as the box sat in storage while I moved around 9 times (I think) before we settled here.  I also found a bag full of embroidery thread and ribbons so as soon as I get it all organized, I'm going on a crafting binge.

I am in love with Laura Normandin's studio that I saw awhile back on Oh Happy Day. I wish I had a set up just like it, but I think I'll have to do a lot more sewing etc, before I deserve something so nice.  
I just love the thought of having a place where I can go and easily find the right sized needles for a knitting project, sew some curtains, or whip up a stuffed pig from an old sweater for my niece. 


Courtney said...

Your floor looks beautiful! I have wanted to use cork floors for the last few years now and hope perhaps in our next home we will have an opportunity to do so. It looks like your studio is off to a perfect start!

Also, that box you turned up looks like it is filled with the most beautiful treasures! And I think those boxes are inevitable after a move (at least for me!)

abigail said...

I'm so excited about my new little space, and the treasures I'm finding! I guess that's the upside of those boxes!

chiara said...

ooooo. i am so jealous.

sometimes living in brooklyn sucks. we should move to ann arbor!

abigail said...

you should move to Ann Arbor! The house across the street is for sale.