Monday, April 20, 2009

run, run, run!

My cousin Steve is running the Boston Marathon today!  They have this cool thing on their website where you can track and individual runner throughout the race so most members of my family and I will be keeping tabs on him.  
good luck Steve!  

afternoon update:  his time was 3:31
congratulations Steve, we're amazed!
image from Life


Joanna Goddard said...

wow, congratulations, steve! i'm so impressed!!! also, abigail, a peter pan party would be amazing for a fortieth birthday :) what a funny idea.

abigail said...

now I just have to wait for someone to turn 40!

Steven said...

This scene reminds me of when we were leaving the mall after the Obama innauguration!

abigail said...

If the marathon people were moving that slow, they'd still be racing!