Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Detroit's city council has voted to tear down the city's beautiful (and beautifully delapedated) Central Depot.  
I understand the city council's motivation, but think it is absolutely the wrong solution.  It is such a beautiful building, is so steeped in the history of the city, and has so much potential as something that can be redeveloped it feels almost criminal to just tear it down.  
Especially when so many iconic buildings in Detroit have been torn down and nothing worthwhile put up in their place.  
image here.
image here.

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Diana said...

oh how sad. we had a historic building (that the state intended to preserve) torn down after the sleazy developer weaseled out of a contract to preserve it. i had always wanted to photograph the building and it gives me a pang every time i drive by the site. i'm glad this building is preserved in photographs, though it's a shame it won't be preserved in it's entirety. :-/

p.s. good luck with your yellow room!

Steven said...

It is soo sad. The mayor wants to charge the government for the cost, using stimulus money! The city council wants to charge the owner! It would be like taring down Chrysler building in NYC because it was run down. Only imagine that the Chrysler was the only building left in Midtown!

Courtney said...

I hate that we seem to lack a sense of historic preservation as a society, that we would rather tear down and build new rather than save something with beautiful bones. Oh, I could go on... How very sad, though, that the building is slated for tear down.

abigail said...

It's tragic. Detroit just keeps making the same mistakes over and over again.