Sunday, May 17, 2009

beam me up

This photo has nothing to do with it, but it cracked me up so I'm posting it anyway.  
We just got back from seeing the new Star Trek and I loved it.  I had heard good things, but still didn't expect to like it so much I would want to see it again when it goes to the dollar theater, but I did and I do!
It was funny and actiony (not a word, I know) and worked for people I went with who loved Star Trek as kids, for people (like me) who'd only seen it often enough to know the characters and catch phrases, and for people who didn't know much about the original at all. 
Plus we got hot popcorn and dumped milk duds in it and shook them around until they got all melty, gooey and delicious.  
Best birthday weekend ever.   

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