Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As you know, our seventh anniversary is Monday (traditional gift: copper or wool) and I am running out of time to find a present. Here's what I thought of so far (aside from a pomeranian.)
Steven is on a paella kick these days so I could get him this paella pan from Williams Sonoma.
I could get him this chair, because I got him a chair for our fifth anniversary (traditional gift: wood) and he liked it.
I could get him this tea strainer because we're growing some mint in containers in the backyard and we can make our own tea.
I could get him this plate because it's pretty.

I could get this bathtub from Waterworks, because we are planning on redoing out bathroom one day.

I could get him any of these things, except they are all a bit ridiculous and ridiculously expensive. (a $70 tea strainer? I could make that. A $40,000 bathtub? really?)  
I am still totally stuck.

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