Friday, May 8, 2009

how does your garden grow

in addition to the garden plot, I am also doing some work in our front yard.  After redoing our siding, painting, replacing our roof, redoing our front porch, redoing the walkway, and putting in some retaining walls over the past 3 years, finally, this summer, we won't be doing any construction! (at least not in the front.  I'm still trying to convince Steven to firebomb the garage.) We've got a bunch of lovely plants out there, but scattered about because they had to be moved during various construction projects and never got moved back.  
I'll take some pictures after a weekend full of moving shrubs, planting perennials and digging, lots and lots of digging. 
 My mom sent me this wonderful book for my birthday (I cheated and opened it early).  It's so inspiring and beautiful but makes me really, really want a bigger yard.  
And a gardner, if I had a bigger yard I would definitely need a gardner.  I'm pooped!

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