Thursday, May 21, 2009

strawberry pot

A few weeks back a local garden store had a sale on bare root strawberry plants that was way too good a deal to pass up.  (it was something like 25 plants for $7 and buy 25 get 25 free.)  Only problem is now I have strawberry plants coming out of my ears.  I considered putting some in the garden plot, but thought it would be a bad idea since they would take over.  Then I thought of putting them in strawberry pots!  
image here.


wide open spaces said...

Oooh, I adore this. My mom use to put geraniums in pots like these _ I didn't realize they were intended for strawberries. Love it.

chiara said...

i see strawberry jam in the future!

Courtney said...

I never realized those pots were specifically for strawberries either! Also, it seems like you are going to have a killer garden to harvest between what you have at home and what is at your community garden. How awesome!

We are in an apartment right now, but, I have never really done any vegetable/fruit gardening before even at our house. I've done container gardening with herbs, but that is the closet to "food" gardening that I've done (and while I was out-of-town for a few weeks, somehow, they did not survive under E's watch-- I'm not going to say it was the lack of watering and then the overwatering compensation, but you know, if the shoe fits...)

abigail said...

I am trying to figure out who I can get to watch Steven watch the garden when I go out of town in a few weeks, I'm nervous he and E would have similar habits.

and how to make strawberry jam!