Tuesday, June 2, 2009


One of the greatest things about living in a Ann Arbor is Property Disposition.  It's where the University of Michigan gets rid of stuff.  You can buy a wall of lockers or a dorm bed, some slightly outdated computer equipment, or a hundred cafeteria forks, you never know what you will find. 
(images here because I am a dope and forgot to bring a camera.) 

I went there yesterday afternoon looking for a metal cart I could have powder coated at Superior Powder Coating and use outside during parties and dinners because, even though I kind of love it, there's no way I'm spending $700 for the Luxembourg bar cart. (available here and here

I found one that was the perfect size but a little dinged up.  Steven wasn't convinced that we should get it until I had the brilliant idea of taking it to the auto body shop and see if they could get the dents out.  We took it straight over there and the very nice man who owns the shop said that he'd have one of his guys give it a go when he gets a chance.  We gave him a lot of business because Steven dented the car twice this winter, but really the owner is just very, very nice.  
(again, no photo because I forgot the camera.)  

I am thinking about powder coating it yellow or bright pink (I'm leaning yellow, which is unlike me).  These are all the color options, anyone see one that would be better?  Our outdoor dining chairs are pink, but everything else is neutral.

I also got this nice, sturdy table frame with a super ugly/cheesy finish for the deck.  I'm going to cut the legs down a little, powder coat the frame and to go to our local marble/granite guy and see if he has a scrap piece of something pretty that I can have cut for a top.

I'll keep you posted how everything goes!


chiara said...

so cool. how about a different shade of pink, like apricot.

simplesong said...

so cool. i could spend an entire day looking at the types of goodies.

Grace said...

Bright orange might be nice.
What a cool place to shop!!