Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My friend Cynthia and I were chatting up our friend's 4 year old, Ella, at a barbecue at their house the other night. It made Ella really happy that all the men at the party were huddled around the fire, and all the women were around the table. Cynthia asked her, "So what do you think the boys are talking about?" Ella thought for a minute and answered, "Barbecue."
Cynthia then asked, "And what should we girls talk about?" Ella replied immediately, "fairies and princesses."
I thought of that conversation this morning when I saw Dina Goldstein's Fallen Princesses project about what happens after the happily ever after.
check more of the series here.
via swiss miss


Bri said...

What a clever photo series! Thanks for sharing - that's too creepy.

please sir said...

I love this photo series - very interesting!

Kristin said...

I loved the Snow White one!