Thursday, June 25, 2009

rest in peace

There was so much tragedy, torment and awfulness in your life, but I want to say thank you for the single Beat It and the thousands of times I played on my Fisher Price record player.

I want to thank you for the wonderful time I had at Kendall's slumber party when we sat glued to the tv watching the video for Thriller the night it debuted. I was probably wearing footie pajamas.

Thank you for the Moonwalk and the Thriller dance and all the hours I spent cracking up trying to learn them.

Thank you for The Way You Make Me Feel, because I loved that song and bought the single even though I foolishly thought I was way too cool for pop music when it came out.

Thank you for the belly shaking laughs watching Allie and Megan perform the all the Jackson 5's ABC dance moves at my high school talent show.

Thank you for the songs on Off The Wall that I first heard decades after they came out when I danced to them during college.

Thank you for the slow dance with Steven when the band played I'll Be There at our wedding. (so cheesy, I know, but still awesome.)

Does anyone else feel the need to plan a Thriller dance party?

check out all of Michael Jackson's best videos here.
and read the new york times' obituary here.


Courtney said...

Abigail, what a very sweet post. Right now, this is an event that still seems hard to believe. He was such an icon of my childhood years, and there are so many favorites of his tied to many memories, so I loved your tribute. He seemed to live such a tormented life, I hope whatever his personal demons were, he is finally at peace.

abigail said...

thank you, Courtney.
when I started thinking about it I couldn't believe how much so many of my memories were tied to his music.
Like you, I hope his torment is over, and he has finally found peace.