Friday, July 17, 2009

all in the family

I planted a whole bunch of green cabbage in the garden because I love it, especially sauteed in butter with fresh corn and lots and lots of thyme-delicious!
Over the past few weeks I've noticed that my green cabbage does not look like my red cabbage, the leaves are longer the plants tighter etc, and then today I finally figured out why. It's not cabbage, it's cauliflower!!!
Oops! They're in the same plant family and as seedlings look exactly the same. I must have mislabeled them.
This would be no problem, since I love cauliflower and we still have plenty of time to plant cabbage to get a fall crop (cabbage can even take a frost :) ) except I also planted a whole bunch of cauliflower! It's starting to come in now, so for the next few weeks we're going to have cauliflower coming out of our ears.
Anyone got any good recipes?


Grace said...

You can freeze it you know!
Aloo Gobi is great if you like curry.

This recipe was pretty good. You can also add peas for aloo gobi matar.

I love cabbage too. I saute with a tiny bit of oil and onions. The whole family will eat that.

abigail said...

does cauliflower freeze well?
I will try it!
I love aloo gobi, but have never cooked it.
I'll try that too!!!

Sam said...

Cauliflower is the best!! What about with white sauce? ...and cauliflower soup? ...and with dip? I don't know the recipes unfortunately.