Friday, July 3, 2009


Jackson is getting a little brother and I wanted to get him a present to celebrate (or console him). My other friend who recently had a second child recommended that I get him a ukulele, because it'd be one toy he wouldn't have to share. ("ukuleles are not for babies" her older son informed me, more than once.)

The ukulele is making a comeback. Did you know Warren Buffet is an avid ukulele player?

And there are lots of great videos of people playing the ukulele on youtube (including some of Warren Buffet, but this woman sings better than he does, and what's not to like about a Hall and Oates cover?).

Hope you like the uke (and your little brother), little guy, maybe pretty soon you can make a video for I've Been Working on the Railroad!


twist so fine said...

i've been an avid fan of the ukulele for ages! i own a navy blue mahalo and mostly do beatles covers, and i also know a lovely uked up version of 'no surprises'.
excellent post, thanks for spreading the love :)

Amy@Old Sweet Song said...

I love this!!!! The ukulele is great.

Courtney said...

Oh, I haven't heard the ukulele in forever, but I love it! My uncle plays the uke, and while I haven't heard him play in years, these instantly took me back to being little. And I'd buy the Rich Girl cover if I could (well, maybe minus the interlude in the middle as randomly funny as it was...) Thanks for sharing these! xo