Thursday, August 13, 2009

play ball!

Have you heard this story? I love this story and I'm not even all that into sports.
A few weeks ago McClatchy newspaper published an article about the Iraqi National Baseball team. They reported that the team had had just one bat, balls with chunks of leather missing and too few mitts for everyone playing to wear one.

That story and subsequent reporting on the Rachel Maddow Show inspired action. All sorts of companies and individuals from uniform manufacturers, to international shipping companies jumped in to help. And yesterday boxes full of cleats, mitts, baseballs, batting helmets, bases, uniforms, etc arrived in Baghdad! The Iraqi National Baseball team is fully equipped!

McClatchy article and images here.
Rachel Maddow story with fun clips of the players talking about how happy they are here.


Kristin said...

That's awesome!

Diana said...

Great story. They're desperate for equipment, here we have steroid problems riddling MLB. What a contrast!