Thursday, September 24, 2009


My in laws are coming to visit from France tomorrow and I am feeling a bit cranky that I didn't get everything I wanted to done. Everything always takes longer than it should because unexpected things come up.

So, much of the art work is still leaning against, instead of hanging on, the walls. The planters the roof top corn was in still need to be cleaned out and there are fall bulbs to plant. The bedside tables I was making for the guest room are still gluing, and the love seat we are making for our bedroom still needs to be stained (did I mention we're making a love seat? It's beautiful. I'll post a photo later.)

But so what? Are they coming to see the house? No. They are coming to see their son and they haven't seen him in 3 years!

So I'm giving up. I'm going to make the bed, work out and then have a glass of wine. Sometimes you just can't get there, and most times that's ok.


Grace said...

Good attitude!! Enjoy your workout and wine. Have a good visit with family.

chiara said...

You should have 3 glasses of wine. One for every year they haven't seen Steven.

Turquoise Diaries said...

3 years is such a long time. You are right, they wont notice anything..

Anonymous said...

Such is life. Always a process. Hope you have a nice time visiting :)