Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Timelapse - Los Angeles Wildfire from Dan B. on Vimeo.

This video of the wildfires raging in California is terrifying, tragic, and hypnotically beautiful.
(and enough to make me reconsider what I said earlier about moving to a warmer climate.)

I hope the fires are under control soon, and that everyone stays safe.


Anonymous said...

Your 3 adjectives for this video are perfectly stated. We've thought about CA, but boy this stuff makes me think twice. Here in the Seattle area we don't have to worry about that kind of stuff. I feel fortunate.

abigail said...

me too.

Turquoise Diaries said...

I watched it on TV. It was horrible..

jennifer lorton said...

You are so right. The video is amazing, but so tragic when you know what it is. I've actually just returned from LA, and the smoke was so eerie, and it was so hot. We are all so blessed to have people that are will to go out there and fight for our safety in such harm conditions.