Friday, September 18, 2009


how do you feel about window film like this by Emma Jeffs?
Is it cheesy or brilliant?
I'm looking for something that will offer us some privacy in our sun room, but won't make the plants unhappy by blocking out too much light. I thought about putting this in the lower pane of the double hung windows, but I'm not convinced.

I've also thought about fashioning some cafe curtains like in this tutuorial from Martha Stewart, but I'm worried they'll look too Holly Hobby.
Window treatments are impossible. I don't even like the phrase "window treatments" makes it sound like the windows have a disease.


Grace said...

I think I like it!! Especially for a sun room-

Amanda Wright said...

I LOVE window film. I wanted to get the Emma Jeffs window film, but it was very expensive. Also our windows have smaller panes, and I thought the pattern would look weird split up.

So, I got a $20 roll of plain frosted window film from Home Depot and put it up on our bathroom windows and took down the ugly mini-blinds. It looks great and you can't see anything through them at night, but you get all the sunshine during the day!

abigail said...

I just figured out one roll of Emma Jeff's film is only enough to cover one window! Yikes, that is expensive.
I'm going to go and see what they've got at home depot, or maybe fashion something using lace paper.