Monday, October 19, 2009


Whenever we go anywhere we spend a whole lot of time looking at buildings.

And details of buildings.

Buildings of famous architects, buildings by not so famous architects, it doesn't much matter, we go see 'em.

And take pictures of them.

It is the blessing, and the curse, of having married an architect.

These are just a few of the hundreds Steven took over 4 days.

A good friend of mine says that art is like vitamins. You take in too much at one time and you just start peeing it out.

Same goes for architecture.

The Netherlands is pretty amazing though.

It's an incredible mix of gorgeous old buildings and gorgeous (and sometimes crazy) new buildings.


Keith said...

beautiful pictures. thank god you finished grad school. i can't imagine the pictures taken with the old kodak disc.

abigail said...

I was thinking the same thing. Our grandchildren wouldn't be able to afford college if we had to pay for film for all these- and I'm pretty sure Steven wouldn't be able to stop himself from taking them.

Rachel said...

Oh yes. This is what our pictures look like after vacation. He (the architect) takes hundreds of photos of buildings and details and I take hundreds of close up photos of everything we eat. And then we get home and think "Why do we have several thousand pictures of stairways and desserts and none of us or our friends?"

abigail said...

we're living the same life!

alissa said...

haha i hear you! also married an architect. but im an interior designer, so i think i pay him back in the spaces i drag him to while we're traveling!

Courtney said...

Oh, wow, so many great buildings/photos! I'd love to see some of those in person. Most of my vacation photos end up being buildings/interiors/nature (garden) shots, while E's are often animals/insects/nature. We're lucky if we come home with even two photos of us.

And I like what your friend said about art-- I think it is such a true statement!

abigail said...

we do the same thing. The only time I am ever in our vacation photos is when Steven needs a scale figure!