Thursday, October 8, 2009

full house

Sorry for the slow posting/bad blogging these past few days. Steven's parents are back! They were in a LA for a few days visiting Steven's dad's cousins but they will be in the States for a total of about 3 weeks. (They live in France. It doesn't make sense to come just for a weekend.)

Tomorrow we're going to get even more house guests. My parents, my brother and sister in law and 2 of their 3 kids are coming!
I'm trying to think of things that will be fun for everyone to do and so far have come up with pumpkin picking and carving. That's fun for folks from 3 to 75, right?
I thought so.
image here.

I've been dreaming of making pumpkins that look like these from Martha Stewart for about a year, but I'm not sure my 3 and 5 year old nephews or almost 70 year old dad have the patience for that, so I'll probably do it once they've gone home.


chiara said...

your dad is not almost 70! he looks like he is almost 50, tops!

chiara said...

maybe late 40's

abigail said...

I'll tell him you said so.

The big birthday is September 9th!

henzy said...

they looks great and a lot of hard work.. good luck

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Wow, no wa I would ever try these Martha Stewart ones. The only way they would make it to my house is if I bought them.