Tuesday, October 20, 2009


More from Dutch Design Week: In the cafe across from the exhibition hall there is this giant Medieval looking waffle making contraption.

It's very impressive.

However, the waffles it makes are not. They're somehow burnt and pasty, and just kind of tasteless all at the same time.

Can't really blame them. Eindhoven is famous for its design school, not it's culinary one. Besides, Steven ate them anyway.

And the space was amazing.

Speaking of waffles, have I ever posted Steven's waffle recipe?

I should. (if only because then he'll have to make me some.) Steven makes great waffles..


Grace said...

That is crazy - a lot of work for a lousy waffle! And that waffle does look awful.

Enjoy your trip.

Kris said...

wow. I want some tasty waffles after reading this! I love the smell too.

chiara said...

Steven also makes good coffee. And bolognese.

Steven said...

Belgians take great pride in their waffles. I prefer the thicker sectional ones, architecturally speaking of course. But he Dutch "Madmax-Thunderdome" look was awesome.

Courtney said...

Wow. That is one crazy machine! It looks so interesting, too bad the waffles weren't great! And I guess I have my answer on spelling here :)