Friday, December 11, 2009

books make great gifts

Looking for a great gift for the archi-geek in your life? How about the new book Fellowships in Architecture?

"Fellowships in Architecture focuses on the projects of Fellows working from 1960 to the present, unfettered by corporate structure and the demands of the marketplace. Rather than confining itself to one architect's viewpoint, author Monica Ponce de Leon explores a panoply of architecture and design visions through the creations of nearly 60 cutting-edge talents."

ok, really, this is just a shameless plug. Steven is one of those "cutting-edge talents" (why does that crack me up?), and a project we did together is in the book.
available here.


nookie said...

sounds interesting but I would buy it for me:)):))

Habit of Design said...

I am the archi-geek you refer to above! What a good gift for me! :)

I'm curious what project did you work on for the book?

Jaeve + Things said...

i have someone in my life who would love this book! thx for sharing!

abigail said...

Jennifer- Archi-geeks are my favorite.
Steven and I built a mobile store for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit.

A Taste of T said...

I love this shameless plug. You deserve it for your hard work!

Habit of Design said...

Wow! That's wonderful, Abigail! I would love to see photos of the project. I put this book on my 'want' list!

-Happy Holidays