Friday, December 4, 2009

the importance of being elegant

It's bad to get your husband a book you want, and know he'll have little interest in as a Christmas gift, right?
And it's bad to be buying presents for yourself when you are supposed to be Christmas shopping, right?
Well, then will someone please stuff my Christmas stocking with Daniele Tamagni's book, Gentlemen of Bacongo, about the dapper dandies, called "Sapeurs", in the heart of the Congo?

It's just so surprising that in the middle of impoverished and war torn Congo there would be a subculture of men combining colonial and Congolese style in such and exuberant way.

available here.


Steven said...

Love to have this book!!

Amanda Wright said...

Awesome! My husband grew up in Congo (formerly Zaire). I have to show this to him!