Tuesday, January 26, 2010

good news

There's so much sad news coming from Haiti, but this is a really good news story, I promise.

After spending some time in Haiti and hosting a Haitian child who was getting medical treatment in the US, Kristen and Scott Heaton worked to adopt 2 girls from Haiti for nearly 4 years. They jumped through bureaucratic hoops and filled out mountains of paperwork and their adoption was in its final stages- when the earthquake hit.

After the quake, the Heaton's were among those who waited, not knowing if their loved ones had survived.

When news finally came a week later came that the girls were ok, the Heatons also got the news about a new US immigration policy that is expediting visas for Haitian kids in the final stages of adoption, and that their daughters, Bettania, 7, and Dieunette, 2, and the 51 other kids in their orphanage would be coming to the States because of it.

They arrived January 19th.

Welcome home, girls. Welcome home.

Get yourself some Kleenex click over to read more about this truly wonderful news story at the New York Times.


alicia abood said...

so awesome.

pen.ny said...

Kleenex working in full force. What a beautiful story. You share some of the best things, thank you:)

Kristin said...

Thanks for that. There are tears happening over here...but tears of joy!