Monday, January 11, 2010

say cheese!

Steven's parents spent Christmas in a small town in Italy called Branzi. (They live about 4 hours away in the south of France). It's a beautiful, tiny town in the mountains just upstream from San Pellegrino. It's a nice place to ski and snowshoe and hike, but the best thing about the town, the thing that makes it one of my favorite places on earth, is the cheese shop.

There they make and sell my most favorite cheese in the world, Stracchino. It's kind of like Tallegio, but stinkier and yummier.

Why am I telling you all about this now when I am in Ann Arbor, nowhere near Branzi? Well, because when I got home from the studio today I discovered that Steven's parents had sent us a box full of Stracchino as a late Christmas present.

A box full of 8 pounds of it!

I think we need to have a cheese party.


alicia abood said...

ohhh i love tellegio. . .i bet i'd fall in love with this. what a delightful winter gift to receive in the mail!

Jaeve + Things said...


Marisa said...

what a thoughtful gift- cheese is probably one of the food items I could never do without!

Caroline, No. said...

Does it melt well? You could get a raclette set and have some cheesy suppers..


Bri said...

I was not even aware that you could send cheese. Looks delicious!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

If you have a cheese party, can I come? What an amazing gift!